DTTN Concept

What is the DTTN?
Community Focus

What is the DTTN?

The DTTN is a community platform that connects organisations in the trade, logistics and financial industries enabling them to exchange business documents electronically with their trading partners.

The existence of a community e-platform with defined standards and protocols will attract and software vendors to develop value added services which will further improve user operational efficiency.


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Community Focus

The DTTN includes nine major communities:

  1. Buyers / Importers
  2. Sellers / Exporters
  3. Freight forwarders including third party logistics service providers
  4. Carriers / Portals (e.g. Inttra, GTNexus, Traxon)
  5. Terminals
  6. Government and its agencies
  7. Banks and financial institutions
  8. Insurance companies
  9. Inspection agencies

The DTTN will co-exist with and complement offerings provided by Application Service Providers (ASPs), Software Vendors and global service providers. It will help to promote a greater take up of e-business in the region to the ultimate benefit of the commercial sectors.

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In a Glance

The DTTN is a platform that provides interconnection among trade, logistics and finance industries to facilitate information flow and enhance efficiency.