For Your Business

A low cost, single connection with all trading partners worldwide!

With the DTTN, connecting electronically with your business partners is simple. You can enjoy a competitive edge and easily meet the digital supply chain demands. You can also avoid heavy investments in IT infrastructure. With the DTTN, as simple as an Excel document can easily be converted to sophisticated formats like EDI or XML.

See below for a summary of key benefits:

More business opportunities
  • No longer restricted by the expensive multiple communication formats required by different buyers and save IT integration and maintenance cost in fulfilling the EDI requirements mandated by the buyers.
Cut operation cost
  • With the data inheritance function of DTTN, documents like shipping orders, packing lists, invoices, can be prepared from the same source document (e.g. purchase order) so as to reduce errors, discrepancies, double handling and data entry cost.
  • Eliminate the need for courier and yet with a much faster speed.
Better management of your bookings
  • Forwarders and carriers exchange information through a single channel can avoid delay, missing and incorrect bookings due to loss or incorrect manually entered data.
  • More visibility on shipment status: Have the goods left the factory? Has the vessel arrived? Is there any delay in delivery? Is there any discrepancy at the warehouse?
More efficient and secured payment process
  • By receiving electronic service invoices and conducting payments online, more timely and accurate financial records can be assured. Save time and money in the cumbersome cheque handling process and enjoy quicker service delivery.
Simple solution for SME
  • The full set of shipping documents can be prepared in standard Excel spreadsheets and be submitted securely using normal emails.
No training required
  • Existing application systems/software will be used to generate documents and hence no need for training.
Save document storage cost
  • Documents will be stored online for 2 years and offline for 7 years. No more physical space and the associated cost for storing tons of shipping documents are required.

All in all, the DTTN delivers an exciting new competitive edge, with maximum convenience and minimum expense.