Electronic Document Exchange

The DTTN provides electronic document exchange functions for reliable, secure transformation and delivery of electronic documents.

  1. Reliable delivery locally, in the Mainland and worldwide.
  2. Secure delivery with encryption & digital signatures, and non-repudiation of origin.
  3. Immediate alerts and notifications on any exceptions/errors.
  4. Any-to-any protocol, character set & document transformation. For example, a message submitted using FTP to the DTTN as an EDIFACT formatted document is translated to the DTTN XML structure and then delivered as an e-mail in the recipient's required format such as Excel.
  5. Mega data storage - on-line for 2 years, and offline for 7 years
  6. Data inheritance services - participants can choose to reuse relevant business data from different business documents to generate another document to save time and minimize data re-entry error.

Protocols supported include
Document formats supported include
  • FTP/S
  • HTTP/S;
  • SMTP;
  • S/MIME;
  • AS/1;
  • AS/2;
  • ebMS V2
  • XML,
  • ANSI X12,
  • Excel,
  • flat file,
  • Cargo-IMP
  • SMS

Participants can interconnect with the DTTN using their existing document formats/structures and communication protocols, and with no, or minimal changes to their internal systems.

To help SME's use of the DTTN, Excel spreadsheets for standard documents can be submitted directly to or received directly from the DTTN.