DTTN pricing can be grouped into three categories. These include:

  • Registration and Annual Fee
  • Document Conversion and Exchange Service Fee
    (or DTTN Document Fee) ; and
  • Solution Development Fee

For enquires about our price list, please call our DTTN Customer Service Hotline at 2917 8838.

Price List
(with effect from 1 January 2018)

Fee (HK$)

Registration and Annual Fee
Registration Fee (Note 1) 6,000
Annual Subscription Fee (Note 2) 1,500

DTTN Document Fee (Note 3)
Standard Document 8
Confirmation and Amendment (Note 4) 4
For details about the document fee, please click here.

Solution Development Fee
Trader Documentation Service (TDS) (Note 5)
      - The TDS (Buyer Module)(Note 5a)
      - The TDS (Trader/ Shipper Module)(Note 5b)
      - The TDS (Forwarder Module)(Note 5c)
Please call for quotation
Customized TDS Application (Note 6) Please call for quotation
Mapping Fee (Note 7) Please call for quotation

1. Registration Fee. Customers are required to pay an initial, one-time registration fee of HK$6,000 at the time of their registration for DTTN's services.
2. Annual Subscription Fee. Customers have to pay an annual subscription fee of HK$1,500. The annual fee will be charged pro-rata to the number of complete months following receipt of the registration, then annually charged at the start of each calendar year.
3. DTTN Document Fee. The fee is charged on the "Beneficiary Pays" principle. Usually, the recipient of the document is the beneficiary party and therefore will pay the fee. DTTN will also accept other payment arrangements should there be a mutual agreement between the sender and recipient.
4. Confirmation and Amendment. All confirmation and amendment documents will be charged a fee of HK$4 (expect amendments to House Shipping Order / House Shipping Instruction).

Trader Documentation Service (TDS). TDS is a business collaborative platform that facilitates secured electronic document exchange for trade transactions. The TDS client can be installed in any desktop PC or a file server for the preparation and managing of trade documents. Leveraging on the powerful functions of DTTN, customers can exchange trade documents seamlessly with their business partners locally or internationally.

5a. The TDS (Buyer Module) is designed for sourcing/ buying office use. The full suite solution enables information flow in the supply chain among vendors/ suppliers/ manufactures and freight forwarders. The platform provides functionalities for users to create, control and manage documents submission to their partners (e.g. Purchase Order, Delivery Instruction, etc.) and documents received from their partners (e.g. Commercial Invoice, Advance Shipping Notice, and Shipping Order, etc.).
5b. The TDS (Trader/ Shipper Module) is designed for shippers use. The solution helps importer/exporter exchange transport documents with their forwarders. The platform provides functions for users to prepare and manage documents submission to their partners (e.g. Commercial Invoice, Shipping Order, Advance Shipping Notice, etc.), and documents received from their partners (e.g. Purchase Order, Bill of Lading, Air/ Sea waybill, and Freight Forwarder Invoice, etc.). An optional bar code interface is also available for users to extract data from trade documents to print bar code labels.
5c. The TDS (Forwarder Module) is designed for freight forwarders use. The solution helps freight forwarders to exchange transport documents with shippers, consignees, overseas agents and overseas Customs. The platform provides functionalities for users to prepare and manage documents submission to their partners (e.g. Shipping Order Confirmation, Bill of Lading, Air/ Sea waybill, Freight Forwarder Invoice, AMS/ ACI/ ISF 10 + 2 Service/ ICS Service/AFR Service etc.) and documents received from their partners such as Shipping Order, etc.
6. Customized TDS Application. It is a tailor-made TDS application designed and developed to meet the specific business and operation requirements of the user.
7. Mapping Fee. This charge applies to the development of document mapping, which allows business documents prepared in various document formats to be converted into other formats used by the recipients so that they could be directly integrated into their internal system.

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