Security and Trust

DTTN recognizes that "Trust" in business is critical and we have implemented a "trust" framework that utilizes the highest level of security backed by a comprehensive legal framework that is effective for both local and cross border electronic transactions.

Why are trust and security important?

The DTTN provides a security and legal "Trust Framework" that implements the four pillars of electronic trust:

1. Authenticity - The document really has come from the buyer, but not from an impostor.

2. Integrity - The content is correct and has not been tampered with since it was sent.

3. Confidentiality - It has not and cannot be seen by anyone (e.g. competitors) except those authorized to view this document.

4. Non-repudiation of Origin - The buyer cannot subsequently claim that he/she did not send the purchase order.

It allows users of the DTTN community to reliably exchange legally recognized documents.

The technical security implementation primarily utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to apply message encryption and digital signatures generated using certificates issued by commonly accepted Certification Authorities, such as Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited. It also allows the use of other secure connection technology such as leased lines and secure Virtual Private Networks to ensure authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

A key part of the Trust Framework is the DTTN user agreement which stipulates the use of electronic documents and digital signatures as being equivalent to their paper counterparts, both for local and cross border transactions.

In addition, recognizing that different business transactions may require different levels of security, DTTN allows trading partners the flexibility to agree on different security requirements for different types of documents exchanged through the platform. A payment instruction for example may require a digital signature based on a certificate issued by a recognized certification authority, while a shipment booking may not need to require any digital signature.

Complete Security

The DTTN provides a comprehensive security infrastructure based on the trusted Public Key Infrastructure technology.