As illustrated in Layer One of the "DTTN Three Layer Model", DTTN flexibly supports a defined set of standards and protocols that facilitates users' interconnection with the DTTN as the digital express link to their business partners. This covers standards and protocols for:

Communications and secure messaging protocols
Document formats
DTTN XML Canonical Document Structures
Code Sets

To ensure the standards adopted or developed are in line with industry requirements and practices, the DTTN Standards Advisory Group (STAG) with industry representatives was established in November 2004. Its primary focus is to review and endorse the DTTN XML Canonical Document Structures, which are maintained and developed by DTTN Ltd.

It is important to emphasize that the DTTN is designed to be easily adopted by trade, logistics, and finance industries with no or minimal changes to their existing systems. In particular, it is NOT required for an organization to change its system to conform to the DTTN XML Canonical Document Structures - DTTN will accept documents prepared in whatever format and structure. DTTN will transform the documents into the DTTN XML Canonical Document Structure, and then transform them into the format and structure required by the recipient.


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